Monkey With Baby at the Taj Mahal - Maria Rudolph Photography
Monkey at Taj Mahal

This is another shot that I took on my first India trip in 2013. You wouldn’t know it (unless you noticed the title of the photo), but it was taken at the Taj Mahal.

Those of you who know me and have followed my photography over the years know that I am a sucker for wildlife or just about any sort. I will always find the wildlife more interesting than anything else in view. In this case, the other thing in view was the Taj Mahal.

When you enter these famous grounds, you walk down a long path to a courtyard. There is an archway in the courtyard and, through that, you get your first glimpse of the much-photographed reflecting pools and then the Taj itself.

We were standing outside the archway, getting ready to go through it and behold one of the most famous buildings on the planet, when I saw MONKEYS crawling all over the archway building! The Taj Mahal completely forgotten, I followed the monkeys around to the side of the building where I watched and photographed them for around an hour. Watching them climb up the building, completely ignoring the barbed wire strung around, was magical.

Of all of the photos that I got during that interlude, this one ended up being my favorite. There’s absolutely nothing that says “India” or “Taj Mahal” but it just fascinates me. Read my Taj Mahal story to see what happened next — when I actually left the monkeys and went through the arch.

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